Dr. Mary Baskin-Waters is an Affiliate faculty at the University of South Carolina Women’s and Gender Studies Department.  She has been teaching at the university for over twenty years on topics ranging from Grant Writing and Administration to Women in Society: A Service Learning Approach. Along the way, Dr. Waters has been an active member in the community of Columbia, South Carolina personally recording and archiving events related to women’s issues both locally and abroad. This blog intends to digitally archive those materials and provide reflections on them as they relate to her own experiences, as well as those she encountered.


Travis Wagner is a PhD student in University of South Carolina’s School of Library and Information Sciences, as well as a Graduate Certificate recipient and instructor in USC’s Women’s and Gender Studies Department. Along with an interest in creating accessible archives and preserving silenced histories, Travis works within moving image archiving and film studies to address issues of language-based stereotyping and oppression within archival information organization and description.

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