Another sample of the newsletter provided by the Columbia Branch of the American Association of University Women, this volume is heavily oriented towards upcoming events with many dates noting cultural offerings ranging from a curated tour of a Chinese art and pottery collection at the Columbia Museum of Art to a series of performances of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House at The University of South Carolina. The president during the distribution of this newsletter was Mary Frances Griffin and the editor of this particular issue of News Notes was Ellen Heath. The document provides clear evidence to one of the challenges of typing without the quick aid spell check and other corrective devices as on section clearly reads in capitalized letters “CULTURLA GROUP PLANS.”


Another portion of the newsletter discusses the educational fund within AAUW’s Columbia Branch and includes a paragraph with the following paragraph:

“Our major money raising efforts each year are in behalf of the Educational Foundation. Valerie McPherson, Chairman of the committee, gave us a preview of exciting plans for this year’s effort. There will be a series of Career Planning Seminars to be held in February, a career fashion show in the spring, a women’s marathon race, and a book sale. You’ll be hearing more about these in future NEWS NOTES and at meetings. (And thanks to Valerie and Belks, we now have a place in which to store the books we already have on hand.) Meantime, don’t forget our on-going sale of note paper.”

Interestingly, this newsletter also makes mention of the regional South Carolina Governor’s Conference on Libraries and Information Services as it was held at The University of South Carolina that year. The write-up suggests that many benefits could arise from choosing to attend, specifically those tied to being more informed about the needs and state of existence for most libraries.

To view or download the entire pdf version of the newsletter click here

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