The News Notes represents an early iteration of a newsletter distributed by the Columbia, South Carolina branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW). The newsletter functioned to succinctly share important information between the board of national branch, the officers for the Columbia branch and the members of Columbia’s division of the AAUW. Topics included in this specific newsletter are: APRIL BRUNCH MEETING, STATIONERY, NEWS ABOUT MEMBERS, BRANCH OFFICERS, DIVISION CONVENTION, NATIONAL CONVENTION and a lengthy discussion on FELLOWSHIPS FUND.

newsletter capture

The newsletter identifies the president of the Columbia Branch of the AAUW as Mary Frances Griffin and notes that the editor of this copy of News Notes is Ellen Heath. Highlighted events for the month of April also include a guest lecture by two speakers: Miss Donna Graham and Miss Kate Singley.  For another exploration of what was discussed in the newsletter one can read STATIONARY section which states:

“Our thanks to Georgie Stephenson for taking on the sale of our stationery. She tells us that we have on hand 20 packages of the BIRD NOTES¬† and 35 boxes of the etching of the STATE HOUSE. She will have them at the meeting. If you can anticipate your needs for the summer, come prepared to buy a little; it will be most helpful and appreciated. …. Remember that the money from stationery sales goes into our Fellowships Fund (as does the profit from other money raising projects and gifts and memorials). See next page for more on Fellowship Funds.”

The newsletter concludes with guidelines on how a reader can donate should they feel inclinded to do so.

To download a pdf version of the full newsletter click here

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