Welcome to our City… Welcome Card (July 25, 1996)

A welcome card included within packets received by Columbia, South Carolina college professors, this item represents part of a larger exchange between Columbia South Carolina and the country of Columbia in South America. Part of a larger United States Information Agency initiative, each state was tasked with engaging with a South American partnership to represent a growth in American and Latin American relations.  This specific item represents a connection between Columbia College and the Centro Cultural Colombo Americano. As the card suggests it took place in Armenia, Columbia.



The particular exchange was part of a two week trip by members of Columbia College, The South Carolina Governor’s Office, under then governor David Beasley. The trip occurred between the 23rd of July and the 6th of August, with stops in Pereira, Manizales and Cali along with Armenia. The following year, members of a coalition from Columbia would spend time in South Carolina as part of the exchange. The archive’s papers hold more information about this exchange and will be added in the future.

To download a pdf version of this card click here

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