“Empowering Girls” Workshop to be Held at Columbia College Press Release (January, 29 1997)

This press release from 1997 highlights an upcoming workshop focusing on the theme of Empowering Girls. Held at Columbia College the event focuses on issues like “gender equity” and “Setting Goals and Pursuing Dreams.” The program, according to the flier, was to be held on March 1st of 1997 and was co-sponsored by Heathwood Hall Middle School.


The conference was specifically aimed at girls in Middle School, with the hopes of pushing against gendered stereotypes of success and self-worth which, the flier suggests are perceived as different between boys and girls. The flier includes a more specific explanation of the initiative:

Candy Waites, director of external programs for the College’s Leadership Institute and coordinator of the workshop, feels that “empowering young girls to set high goals and feel comfortable with their achievements can make a real difference in their lives.” Alan Gibby, head of Heathwood Hall Intermediate Middle School, agrees, adding, “The Middle school years are truly formational ones, and the messages received by girls during these years are all-important to their overall development.”

While the physical archive does not immediately have other papers attached to this event, should they arise a connection will be made to this flier. However, a pdf version of this flier is available for download here

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