Columbia College Leadership Institute Presents Flier (April 22, 2005)




A function of the seemingly now defunct Leadership Studies program at Columbia College (Columbia, SC) the Columbia College Leadership Institute served as a program that occurred annually with the express interest of training women and young girls in pursuing and attaining leadership roles broadly conceived. The institute contained a variety of programs aimed at unique components of that endeavor. Take for example LEAD 2005, which was one of the summer programs offered. According to the program LEAD 2005 focused on the following:

“LEAD 2005 is an acclaimed leadership development program for high school sophomore girls who demonstrate leadership potential. This exciting experience encourages effective leadership through interactive workshops, leadership assessment, and hands-on leadership practice. Expand your skills in communicating ideas with power while motivating with confidence.”

Tuitition for the various programs ranged from $400 dollars for LEAD IV to $600 for the Emerging Leaders program. Though not discussed in detail, the application included provided an opportunity to gain information about need-based scholarships for the various programs.  The application and information packet also includes a Recommendation Form for hopeful applicants which asks them to be rated on things like “ability to relate well with peers and adults.”

While the Leadership Studies program appears to have evolved considerably, Columbia College still retains The Institute for Leadership and Professional Excellence, which still runs an iteration of the Leadership Institute over the summer. More information is available here.

A full version of the program discussed is available for download as a pdf here.

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