1987-1988 South Carolina Commission on Women Annual Report

Compiled by Barbara D. Ferer in Augusta of 1988 the Annual Report put forth by the then South Carolina Commission on Women, this report focuses on the status of the commission for the fiscal year of 1987. While it includes obvious materials pertinent to any annual report (notably budget and staff changes) it also sets forth a series of demands, plans and expectations regarding gender equality for women in South Carolina. This approach set a series of expectations in place for newly minted South Carolina Governor Carroll A. Campbell, Jr. and aimed to radically alter the discourse involving the predominantly Republican political body. The annual report included a series of five priorities for the South Carolina Commission on Women which included goals like “network,” “grants and foundation support” and examinations of “public policy impacts.”

commission on women report

Included in the annual report were the major achievements of the council for that year, which borrowed their structure from the commission’s mission statement. One such accomplishment within their “…to study the rights and status of women” read as:

“The Commission on Women board members volunteered to research topics of concern to women so that they might serve as consultants during debate on proposed legislation. Issues assigned to board members included: childcare, abuse, homekeeping/parenting, older women, women heads of families, reproductive choice, pay equity, health, divorce, and state retirement systems”

But one of the many undertakings chronicled in the annual report, this document elucidated the goals and vision of the South Carolina Commission on Women as it moves into its first decade of existence.

To download the entire report click the link below:

1987-1988 South Carolina Commission on Women Annual Report

South Carolina Commission on Women Annual Report 1987-1988

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